Site Work




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Engage Balitano in all of our excavation needs. We bring the necessary equipment, experienced operators, and knowledge of excavation techniques to handle a wide range of projects efficiently and safely, including site preparation, 

earthmoving, trenching for utilities, grading and leveling, foundation excavation, land clearing, demolition, landscaping preparation, drainage system installation, and backfilling. With our expertise and specialized equipment, 

we ensure efficient and safe execution of excavation projects for construction, landscaping, and utility installations.

We also have the capabilities to prepare and install drainage systems. At Balitano, we assess the site, plan effective solutions, and do the grading and sloping to install drainage systems. 

We’re able to implement erosion control measures, manage surface water, and provide regular maintenance to ensure optimal drainage performance. 

Through these services, we’re able to help prevent water damage, maintain site stability, and manage water flow effectively. 

Our expert grading services include shaping and leveling the land to achieve desired slopes and contours. We assess the site, develop a grading plan, and use earthmoving equipment to excavate, cut, fill, and create a level surface.

We’re also able to implement slope stabilization measures and ensure proper surface preparation for construction or landscaping activities. Through grading services, we create a stable foundation, optimize site functionality, and facilitate successful project execution.